The association will interview 191 centenarians on topics such as diet or sex.

The Ourensividad association, promoted by health professionals in the province, is finalizing these days the launch of a pioneering study in Spain on longevity. “In Ourense there are more than 380 centenarians, we are a global focus on longevity because our elders not only reach 100 years of age, but they live well, they are self-sufficient, that is why we have to study the causes,” explains Pablo García Vivanco, pharmacist. and president of the entity. The project includes 191 interviews with centenarians in the province on more than a hundred variables, which will then allow common conclusions to be drawn about their life habits.

The initiative, recently approved by the Sergas ethics committee, has the collaboration of the Ourense Provincial Council and the Xunta. “We will start in mid-January with the first contact with the elderly and the idea is to finish the interviews before the summer and then analyze and develop the results,” explains García Vivanco.

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