Members and friends of the Ourenstividad association held an event this past Tuesday to mark the Christmas holidays.

The Ourenstividad association held an event this Tuesday to celebrate the Christmas holidays among its associates and friends. This celebration was inaugurated by the choir of the Colexio Plurilingüe Padre Feijoo Zorelle, which provided music at the beginning of the event.

Next, a talk by the president and vice president of the association took place, along with them, the pharmacist Pablo García Vivanco and the nutritionist Cristina Conde attended, who presented the three projects that were started in 2023, which will have their development in the 2024, along with the support of the Provincial Council, the Xunta de Galicia, the University of Vigo and several town councils in the province.

These projects mentioned will serve as an observatory and promotion of longevity, in addition to serving for the training of health workers in the field of thermalism. Epigenetics, characterized by the Atlantic diet, the environment and deep-rooted customs, was also discussed.

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