Association Actions

The main actions of the association are:

Training, prevention and health promotion actions,  aimed at promoting our local food, healthy habits and our proven long-term land potential.

Organization of group work days with product exposure, once a year and where local foods and their nutritional properties are exposed for one day to the general population .

Conferences-showcooking in the city of Burgas that promote nutritional education and thermal knowledge in closed spaces with a large capacity or emblematic open spaces (market, squares, parks and gardens, etc.) to improve the knowledge of the general population

Tasting our local food.

Campaigns and actions to attract members, finance and promote the association to achieve its objectives.

Creation of healthy advices certificates according to the proposal ( talks, actions by social and health personnel, existence of a municipal physical activity program, hiking trails, or a municipal neighbourhood program that supports the circular economy of each Council, environmental potential, etc. ).

Nutrition and thermalism, various components of health united for the good of life. Preparation of long-term menus, menus with local food designed for our spas with nutritional and allergen calculations.

Publication of opinion articles in different media and social networks. – Creation of a website where our local food and our potential as a remote land are promoted.

Cultural, recreational, sports, leisure and free time activities that promote healthy lifestyle and eating habits such as: group revitalization, community intervention, tours/trips in full contact with nature, cultural visits and cultural exchanges, sporting and gastronomic events.

Publishing of educational and pedagogical books and brochures that promote the health of the population. – Organization of workshops and group activities on nutritional education and healthy lifestyle habits in the general population.

Workshops and activities aimed at senior citizens to improve their health and quality of life in both urban and rural areas.

Carrying out mapping that relate longevity to food and the environment. – Organizing and promoting tours/trips and visits to places of natural scenic, or tourist interest, valuing our environment and its sustainability.

The benefits eventually obtained from the development of these activities will be used to carry out others of the same nature, in accordance with the social purposes.