Be a member of Ourensividad

From the Board of Directors we want to invite you to be a member of Ourensividad, for this it is important that you fill out and send us the following form that is attached with your information.

Ourensividad collects your personal data and these will be used for the purpose of being able to provide assistance, information and services as a member.

Complete and send:

    Partner Status:

    They may belong to the Association:

    a) Those people with the ability to work who have an interest in the development of the purposes of the Association.

    b) People of legal age who are in full use of civil rights and are not subject to the causes of incompatibility established in current legislation.

    Member Rights:

    a)Participate in all activities organized by the Association in compliance with its purposes.

    b) Enjoy all the advantages and benefits that the Association can obtain.

    c) Attend Assemblies and other events that are organized.

    d) Participate in Assemblies with voice.

    e) Receive information on the agreements adopted by the bodies of the Association.

    f) Make suggestions to the members of the Board of Directors for the best fulfillment of the purposes of the Association.

    Activities to which members have access:

    a) Walks.

    b) Outdoor physical activities.

    c) Workshops.

    d) Presentation of opinion articles on physical activity, nutrition and longevity.

    e) Presentation of scientific articles on physical activity, nutrition and longevity.

    f) Information of interest will be sent.

    g) Guided visits to some DOP and PGI or quality seals that we have in the province of Ourense and that work with Ourenstividad.

    h) Timely information about the activities of the Association.

    Obligations of partners:

    a) Comply with the Statutes and current agreements of the Assemblies and the Board of Directors.

    b) Comply, where appropriate, with the obligations inherent to the position held.

    c) Provide the necessary collaboration for the operation of the Association.