Born in Ourense, Ourenstividad, a new vision of the future that leads to the global focus on longevity. It is a meeting point for different professionals, doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, professors and associations with an experienced track record in health promotion in rural areas. In 2024, Spain is expected to be the oldest country in the world, and Ourense will lead that longevity. Its purposes include promoting the dissemination of the nutritional value and healthy properties of food products and healthy habits in the province of Ourense, as well as sustainable nutrition within the Atlantic diet. Healthy living habits, thermalism and environmental behaviors linked to evidence-based longevity.

The aim is to create a great tourism product through the formation of a longevity laboratory that reflects a repetitive pattern of the province's centenaries and establishing synergies with different groups and associations, both public and private entities. Ourense is possibly the best province in the world to serve as a longevity laboratory, the population makes it easier. To create social policies focused on lifestyle habits and nutrition, within the European framework and with a view to the Europe of the year 2050. Policies linked to active aging within the regions of the province that reverse the depopulation of empty Spain where it is promoted physical activity, nutrition, and healthy habits that promote healthy and independent aging.


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