Today we can assure and provide scientific evidence that justifies the Atlantic Diet as a healthy diet.

This diet is characteristic of Galicia and various dishes and foods from areas bordering the Atlantic Ocean are recognized as such; it is a gastronomic heritage that must be valued.

Ourenstividad wants to publicize its nutritional properties and the beneficial effects on various pathologies such as overweight, diabetes…

We have excellent products such as peppers, turnip tops, chestnuts, beef, sardines… that with simple culinary techniques will delight the family. The Atlantic diet of our ancestors, based on fish and vegetables, has been the model and must continue to be, to achieve our goal of LONGEVITY.

Today we are going to remember some words from Pablo G. Vivanco:

Turnip greens are full of properties!

The Atlantic Diet revealed its healthy potential a few years ago. Turnip tops, with enormous properties, are included in it: “We lead the consumption of turnip tops in Spain, mainly in Ourense,” says García Vivanco, who works on a team at the University of Santiago that analyzes all these properties of the diet. “They have molecules called glucosinolates, powerful antioxidants, which act to prevent certain types of cancer or pathologies related to diabetes,” he adds.

Brassica vegetables, citrus fruits, berries, olive oil or quality meat complete this diet. Furthermore, the pharmacist recalls that Galicia is the third autonomous community in number of Protected Geographical Indications and food quality seals.

Author: Cristina Conde