Our process begins in a Galician olive grove where the olive harvest is carried out in an artisanal way. We collect the olives when they are at their optimal point of ripeness to guarantee the highest quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We do it manually with people who treat the fruit carefully, separating impurities and preventing the fruit from being bruised using nets and other utensils for the natural preservation of our product.

Once we have finished collecting, the olives are transported to the oil mill as soon as possible (24 hours) to prevent the fruit from losing its properties. This stage is the most delicate of the process.

We move on to the process of washing and preparing the olives. At this stage, a selection and classification of the best olives begins, eliminating those that have deterioration or defect. Then we clean them to send them to the grinding process where the olive is ground in the mill, then the resulting mass is beaten in a cold process (22º), for solid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid separation. The main objective of grinding is to release the oil droplets contained in the mesocarp of the cell and trigger the enzymatic machinery related to the synthesis of aromas, solubility of minor compounds and other oxidative processes. The beating or kneading will prepare the olive mass to favor the separation of phases, the solubilization of substances of nutritional interest and favoring all the natural enzymatic reactions of the fruit, to extract the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Galician quality, the components go to a centrifuge which is a tool used in the production of olive oil to separate the oil from the olive pulp. This technique is considered one of the most effective methods to ensure the best optimal quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Once this process is finished, we move on to decanting the Extra Virgin olive oil, thus falling into a special filter to eliminate any impurities, to finely package it, store it and be able to put at your disposal the best quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our Galician fields.

We leave you this video so you can enjoy this beautiful process where we guarantee the benefits and quality of our Alma Meiga product.