Purposes of the Association


The main purposes of the association are:

The promotion of local food, such as sustainable food, healthy living habits, spas and environmental behavioUrs linked to longevity based on evidence, as well as the review, study and scientific positioning in the absence of conflict of interest.

The dissemination of knowledge and scientific and technological advances in the areas of healthy eating in the REGION OF Ourense that can be developed from educational centers and in the Galician Innovation Center of the FP ( VOCATIONAL TRAINING).

Promote health and disease prevention by raising awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyle habits in society and its synergy with other fields such as nutrition, spas and environmental education.

Maintain a close relationship with restaurateurs and tourism to promote certain food with DOP, PGI, artisanal or organic product characteristics and their presence on the “Camino de Santiago” (Santiago´s Way), creating synergy with the thermal areas of the province.

Create long-term menus that enhance the relationship between thermalism and healthy eating, taking care of the concept of Ourensivity.

The creation of materials for the promotion of healthy eating, ensuring the general interests of the population, to encourage, improve or restore the health of the community.

Materials that promote nutrition in childhood and the elderly.

The defense and representation of the scientific interests of the Atlantic Diet and its use in the promotion of health and the prevention of disease, also providing our point of view, with scientific rigor, on certain issues, taking into account the relationship between  the Association with Administrations and Academic, Health and/or Social Institutions, whether public, private or mixed.

Collaboration with Public local administrations , state and European level in the regulation of the conditions related to the convergence of social policies aimed at European convergence in 2050.

The presence and contact with public or private institutions, both national and international, related to food, Dietetic-Nutrition, spas and the environment. The presentation to the media as a “source of information and dissemination” offering truthful information based on scientific evidence, thus answering the questions that society propose itself every day in the field of Food, Dietetics-Nutrition, thermalism, healthy lifestyle habits and environment.

Carrying out international cooperation activities and projects for development and innovation in the field of Food and Nutrition, spas and healthy lifestyle habits, encouraging the participation of senior technicians from the Galician Innovation Center.

Provide services to associates in the aspects of nutrition, exercise and physical activity, spas and environmental education.

Create a healthcare space as a longevity clinic to help and improve the quality of the users lives, promoting health education in nutrition, physical activity, healthy habits, spas and environmental health.

Assist and manage the planning, design, nutritional and allergen calculation of food menus that have a thermal focus.

Coordinate, promote and carry out projects for the group of older people, improving their quality of life and physical, mental and emotional health, making improvements in their diet and healthy lifestyle habits that enhance their autonomy in rural areas at risk of depopulation to promote active aging and who sees certain areas of Ourense as a tourist attraction for longevity, thus confronting empty Spain. Promote volunteering, associations and citizen participation.

Promote, encourage, inform and collaborate with public administrations and private entities in the prevention and eradication of violence against women, as well as equality between men and women within the framework of good physical, mental and social health.

Promote the Galician gastronomic culture, as well as its culture and its potential related to longevity, disseminating it throughout the world through talks, conferences, articles, social networks and books.

Engage women in rural development for the establishment of a new population, promoting entrepreneurship and the consolidation of business projects for women in rural areas, enhancing their involvement in agricultural management.

Promote the participation of women in the recovery and dissemination of traditional and cultural customs from different places in the province of Ourense.

Promote intergenerational encounters among the rural population as a means of consolidating popular cultures for their conservation through a family and plural context that promotes true equality.