Today, April 25, 2024, we met at the Liceo de Ourense to celebrate the first anniversary of the Ourenstividad Association with the attendance of more than 200 people. The opening of the event was performed by the Father Feijoo-Zorelle Plurilingual School Choir, which within its repertoire invited all attendees to join them through dancing.

Next, Cristina Conde Rodríguez, vice president of Ourensividad, gave a brief summary of the activities, media that have echoed our good work, some of the associations with which we collaborate and a photographic summary of the activities of all this anus.

The president of Ourensividad, Pablo García Vivanco, reiterated his thanks to all those present and all those who have made it possible and contributed to a greater or lesser extent to making Ourensividad the reality that it is, he highlighted the most important determinants of longevity of the province of Ourense, especially in how important the freshness of the food is, giving the fact that Galicia is the first community in consumption of fresh food and the last in processed food.

As a central part, a round table took place in which different determinants of longevity that we have in the province were addressed. The table was moderated by the journalist Juan Maceiras and we had the president of the association, the pharmacist and nutritionist Pablo García Vivanco, who spoke to us about longevity from the point of view of our Atlantic Diet. Then the expert in thermalism, the medical hydrology expert Antonio Freire, intervened, who explained the importance of mineral waters for health and the therapeutic indications of thermal waters.

The round table concluded with José María Failde, Doctor in psychology and president of the Galician Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, who explained longevity from the perspective of healthy aging and the importance of intergenerational encounter. With the help of Álvaro González, better known as DJ Tibu, four centenarians were honored, Esperanza, Laura, Olimpia and Pepa, who were given a small gift of affection by the association, the delivery was made by Manuel Pardo Cid, Delegate of the Xunta in Ourense; Rosendo Fernández Fernández, president of Inorde, Tourism, Thermalism, representative of the Ourense Deputation; Tamara Silva Cid, councilor of the Ourense city council in the area of ​​Dynamization, Finance and Social Policy and Pablo García Vivanco, president of Ourensividad.

The event ends with an interaction between the children of the Father Feijoo-Zorelle Plurilingual School Choir, who asked some questions to the centenarians.

Thank each and every one, institutions, associations, individuals, friends, who made and make the reality of Ourenstividad possible, granite by granite, adding energy and efforts.


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