Is it easier to reach 100 years in Ourense? Why is there a concentration of centenarians in some specific parts of the province? Are its hot springs the secret to a long life? These unknowns are what Ourenstividad aims to unravel with a pioneering study of the province’s centenarians.

Cristina Conde, nutritionist and vice president of the group, explains to Galiciapress the ins and outs of this research that will begin shortly and will provide a scientific basis for the long life of older Aurienses.


Precisely, the Atlantic diet may be one of the key elements to explain the particularity of the province, with more than 350 centenarians. “This diet provides us with a quantity of omega 3 and antioxidants that help us improve longevity and healthy parameters such as glucose or tension,” explains Conde. Food will be one of the test questions that members of the group will ask of the nearly 200 people who will participate in this study – also family members to fill in any possible memory gaps that the interviewees may have -, which already has the approval of the SERGAS ethics committee.

“With this compilation we want the youngest to be able to repeat these patterns and be just as long-lived,” adds the vice president of Ourenstividad, who is confident that by the end of summer 2024 they will be able to have the first publications.

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