One of the world’s leading experts on longevity, Ken Stern, visits the city on his research around the world and shows his willingness to collaborate with Ourensividad.

One of the greatest longevity experts in the world, Ken Stern, said that he finds the longevity project of the province of Ourense “very interesting.” “We are carrying out research all over the world and what happens in Ourense is important and we have to share data,” said the researcher, showing his willingness to collaborate with Ourensividad, a project in which several experts participate, placing Ourense in the global focus of longevity. .

Ken Stern is the president of the Longevity Project which he launched in collaboration with the Stanford Center of Longevity at Stanford University. Last week he participated in a Summit between Spain and Japan on longevity in Salamanca and visited Ourense to learn about the centenary project.

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