It is a complete and delicious recipe that allows us to fuse impressive flavors. Using Galician beef (IGP), organic eggs (Pazo de Razamonde) as raw materials.

Make a meat roll like a stuffed pie combined with vegetables (Arnoia peppers and turnip greens)


Aceite Alma Meiga

. 1 kg of tapa or skirt (GIP Galician beef)

· 5-6 Arnoia peppers (IGP)

· Bunch of turnip greens (PGI)

· 3 organic Pazo Razamonde eggs

· 2 potatoes (PGI)

· 1 small can of crushed tomato

· 1 glass of Albariño white wine (DO)

· 1 onion

· Garlic · Parsley

·  Olive oil (Alma Meiga)

· Salt