Tierra de Celanova has a great healthy heritage, being a great geodestination with a lot of wealth in its waters, it has a good self-consumption diet and a low risk of radon. The number of centenarians per 100,000 inhabitants is 389, well above world icons of longevity such as Okinawa, Icaria or Loma Linda.

Galicia, and specifically Ourense, has all the conditions to be declared a blue zone, an area of ​​great longevity. On the day, two videos about the area’s centenaries were shown and a gift was presented to the City Council for its work in favor of longevity and healthy living. The day closed with a tasting of native and Atlantic products.

Pablo García Vivanco, pharmacist and nutritionist argued about the epigenetic determinants, the pharmacist and nutritionist Cristina Conde analyzed the Atlantic diet and good self-consumption nutrition and the family doctor, Cristina Margusino, spoke on the richness of the waters in the geodestination and in thermal cures.

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