El aceite de la vida
El aceite de la vida

It is not about rush, nor emergencies, nor pressure. Only those who were born on it and covered their skin with wrinkles to give peace to the desires of a tradition without dates, know that the earth will always be the origin, and will always be the beginning. Calm and meek; It has the doors open and the window openings are windowless. Without walls either, without fences and without delimiting frames, everyone is welcome, but only those who go to meet them with bare hands and true feelings can achieve their unlimited complicity.

This is the case of olive oil, which like orchards, legumes, cereals or wine, is part of the pure memory of Galicia, and so it was in the year 14, when a handful of farmers started the Association of Galician Oil and Olive Producers, which today brings together 200 producers with more than 180,000 olive trees (Picual, Arbequina, Mansa and Brava Galegas) planted; and in 19 they certified their uniqueness with the creation of the quality and guarantee seal that aims to recognize and protect the oil made with olives grown exclusively in the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

It is not about promptness, drowning or emergency; In other times, in other years, Galician oil had great recognition for its quality and organoleptic properties, which today, after exhaustive analyzes made possible by new technologies, re-emerge, allowing it to reach the highest quality standards on the market. They are not revenues of chance, nor credits of providence; It is about the extraordinary attributes of our land and our climate that has been infinitely valued in the good work of our farmers for hundreds of years, and that with this initiative we must pay tribute and gratitude.

With bare hands and true feelings we enter the water of this exciting and inspiring project because, whoever saw the first light on earth, or over the centuries became an accomplice of it, we know that this was always the dawn and always was the beginning; rather, life in potential or life in movement.

Alma Meiga

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