Born in 1917, she has lived through such important moments in history as the First World War, the arrival of man on the moon and the fall of the Berlin Wall. His eyes have seen everything and, despite his age, he wants to continue living experiences, like visiting the set of ‘And now Sonsoles’. Do not miss it!

Esperanza was born in 1917, in the middle of the First World War. In Spain then Alfonso XIII reigned and the first radio waves began to arrive.

Later, she was able to see a television for the first time, a device so unknown at the time that no one could have told her that she would be inside it at some point. But living a century of history goes a long way and Esperanza, at 107 years old, has seen it all.

From the arrival of man on the moon, through the fall of the Berlin Wall, the coup d’état of 23-F or Massiel’s victory in Eurovision.

After all, however, she does not lack the will to live and the secret, according to her, is to drink a shot of brown liquor a day. “With some nuts,” he said.

Esperanza didn’t want to come on Friday because she has dance classes, but she had to miss it to be on the set of ‘And now Sonsoles’. Her daughter Mari Carmen, who has accompanied her, has assured that she does not take any pills nor does she have any health problems.

She is completely self-sufficient, dressing, doing her own makeup, and doing her own hair. In his daily life, he does eat, but he never has dinner, and the day he visited us he got up at eleven in the morning, and he also writes letters every day. Esperanza has had a complicated life, but she has not gone hungry.

“I worked with a family that had a butcher shop,” he explained. The only dream he had left was to go to New York, something he has given up hope for, but last year he even flew to Paris… So he might still go!

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