Ourensividad and Rubén Ríos met this week. The Galician film and television actor and producer has been promoting and internationalizing Galician culture for some time, which has led us to coincide with our scientific part in the dissemination of our healthy heritage. Ourense.

It has 380 centenarians, with a proportion of 126 per one hundred thousand inhabitants, putting us on par with world benchmarks of longevity. Why do we have such a high number of centenarians? Epigenetics has the answer and that is what we value from various perspectives (anthropological, nutritional, thermalism and environment). Rubén has spent time interviewing centenarian people and does not hide his passion for our land, a love as his book says “Arrieros Somos”: unconditional love, to life and complexity, it depends on our attitude to turn the path into feasible: or we find love for solve possible problems or, on the contrary, we carry a backpack of bicudos.

Along the way we came together for love, as Erich Fromm describes it, and passion, thank you, Rubén.