The Provincial Federation of Mulleres Rurais de Ourense (Feluro) organized a healthy day on nutrition and longevity at its headquarters in Verín with the collaboration of the Ourenstividad Association.

The association, which teaches healthy workshops in different town halls in the province, held a successful day that included a talk on local food and longevity given by the pharmacist and nutritionist Pablo García Vivanco, followed by a practical part in which an extra virgin participated local. Olive oil tasting and blood pressure and glucose measurements by José García Martínez and Paz Gómez del Valle.

Pablo García Vivanco, president of the association, assured that during 2024 there will be more than a hundred new centenarians and that they will provide us with data for the qualitative and quantitative study that we want to do on the 384 already existing in the province, a study that will position Ourense in the global focus of longevity.

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