On Thursday, April 20, 2023, at 8 p.m. In the assembly hall of the Liceo Ourensán, the Ourensividad Association was presented.

This association values ​​local foods, healthy habits and thermalism. It raises Ourense as a global paradigm of longevity.

This project aspires to turn Ourense into a benchmark for Longevity.


In this Conference & Presentation we have the following participants:

Juan Maceiras – Journalist Radio Cope: Who was in charge of presenting and conducting the event

– José Manuel Lage – Founder of the Rural Medical Museum of Maceda: who held an exhibition on the evolution and improvement of medical care conditions and the presentation of the Museum dedicated to the Rural Doctor of Maceda.

Pablo G. Vivanco – Pharmacist Dietitian Nutritionist: As president of the association, he explained the reasons why Ourense will soon become the world focus of longevity, emphasizing the social, psychological and nutritional conditions. The qualities of the Atlantic diet, local products and their quality. As an example of all this, a video was projected in which the centenarian Esperanza Cortiñas from Ourense told her life experiences.

Cristina Conde – Nutritionist Pharmacist: she was in charge of closing the act of presenting the association, its purposes, its activities, the founding members and the future projects of this association that today saw the light and its presentation in society.

The massive event was held in the assembly hall of the Liceo Ourensano.

Photo report: